The Telecoms Revolution

There are two major aspects to Telecoms Revolution. First, where once Ireland had one provider, now that the market has de-regulated there are many providers. All are competing on price for your business. We can find and select the most cost-effective provider for your organisation based on your business needs, call traffic profile, landline and mobile phone call volumes.

Secondly, more importantly, recent increases in broadband speed and reliability mean that organisations are no longer just sending emails and documents over the internet; it is now possible to re-direct phone calls away from “phone lines” over the internet.

Now, in 2011, the reliability and sophistication of the technology has improved to the extent that most modern organisations are switching from expensive landline or mobile solutions to internet-based calls.

By embracing the Telecoms Revolution, organisations are not only availing of 20% savings and more on their monthly phone bills, but they are also taking full advantage of the sophisticated telecoms services now available within the budgets of SME organisations.