Where we start

 Our approach to helping you reduce telecoms costs and improve your phone solutions begins with finding out more about what you need.

We offer a FREE “TBT Telecoms Review” to identify potential cost savings and propose simple, cost-effective solutions as to where we believe we can help.

Reducing Telecoms costs for your business

By examining two or three months of your telephone bills, we can quickly see where and how we can save you money.

What we recommend

Step 1: Like to reduce your national calls by 20%? What’s really interesting is that we can typically reduce your national and international calls by 20% on average without a need to invest in any further technology. We simply check your current rates and call usage as provided by your current telecoms provider and we select the best options for you, using our existing contracts with global providers.

The result: Typical clients save on average 20% per month on their phone bills.

Step 2: Like to reach 40% savings on National & International calls?

As you start to take full advantage of the Telecoms Revolution, you can start to use the internet for all your calls. Our VoIP technology allows you to select from our range of Tier 1 International Telecoms providers, to provide vastly discounted international telecoms rates when compared against your current Provider. Check out some of our case studies that show how organisations are availing of this Telecoms Revolution and driving down their telephone and telecoms costs.

And once we have helped you find a solution, what’s next?

The more we can help our customers - the longer they like to work with us. That’s what our existing customer say about us. We’ll focus on making maximum savings for you as quickly as we can. Sometimes this involves installing new equipment – however this is something our engineers do for you. On occasions, you may have to purchase some new equipment – however this is always part of a package that we offer that will guarantee you savings, month on month.

Make the switch to TBT and save NOW!

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