Welcome to the World of VoIP

VoIP technology is now allowing businesses to safely move their telephone systems from expensive traditional solutions to calling over the internet.

Everyone has availed of skype! Its free VoIP and it does work! But will not be enough for professional business.

TBT Global Communication brings you professional VoIP services, fully backed up by technical support and help. Our service is used by many SME's to run their daily phone solutions.

Where do I start with VoIP?

Check out our list of selected satisfied customers to see how you can start saving on your phone systems immediately. If you have broadband installed in your office – then you can potentially avail of between 20% - 40% savings off your international calls.

Can VoIP also help my business grow?

YES, is our answer! Using an IP PBX, fully installed by our engineers, you can quickly start to avail of some interesting features that will help your customers and staff believe in what you are doing:

There are over 10 different solutions that we can offer that help to reduce your monthly spend including VoIP, CPS, SIP Trunking, Hot Desking Facilities and many more (see our FAQ section).

Working from Home: - if your employees work from home, they can log into their SIP phone and are able to answer calls to their extension, just as they would in the office. Calls can be diverted anywhere in the world!

We can provide you with a range of optional services for your SME offices that rank along side the best features available to the largest organisations.

Make the switch to TBT and save now!