About Us

TBT Global Communication Ltd. is an Irish telecommunication company that specialises in delivering low cost solutions to the SME market throughout Ireland. We partner with some of the leading global telecommunication carriers to significantly reduce costs for our customers.

With over 15 years experience in the telecommunications sector, we can provide some of the lowest-cost national and international business telephone rates available. We can match and beat the rates of any of our competitors.

TBT Global Communication Ltd. is unique in that we provide face-to-face consulting; we’ll work with you to manage and reduce your telecoms charges and whenever you need help or advice – we are available.

Who can benefit?

If you are using conventional landlines and if your average monthly bill is €200 or more, you can benefit from the revolution taking place in telecoms technology today.

How does it work?

Recent improvements in commercial broadband allow businesses to enjoy prime quality telephone communications by routing calls over the Internet.  The use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) helps bypass the expensive network and exchange infrastructure of traditional landline carriers.  In future it will be possible for more and more calls to bypass the conventional infrastructure altogether, and indeed some day all calls will be made this way.

Innovative Working

We are constantly increasing the range of services that we offer. Whether your office requires Call Hunting or Hot Desking Facilities, do ask us about your requirements – we’ll have a solution for you.

Additional Support

In addition to supporting businesses to reduce their telecommunication costs, we provide the necessary supporting hardware (VOIP Gateways, Routers, IP PBX etc) that allows larger organisations to implement Voice Mail, After Hour Call Divert, Conference Calls (Audio / Video) etc.

Make the switch to TBT now and save!