Service Features Glossary

The following information describes some of the many features available to our customers when they avail of the Telecoms Revolution.

By connecting your telecoms solutions directly to the Internet, you can avail of a whole new range of phone services.

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Service Features Glossary

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Hot Desking or desk-sharing allows multiple employees to use the same desk and telephone handsets. Instead of having to always sit at the same desk, with a unique telephone and extension number, we can provide your employees with their own unique I.D. and password that allows them to sit at any desk in your office and connect to the telephone system.

Advantages: Where space or investment is limited, each desk is utilised to its maximum. Additionally, you maintain the personal extension numbers assigned to each employee, allowing their customers or suppliers to contact them directly – no matter where they are located.

When a call comes in to your main number, the Call Hunting facility on our system will patch the call through to the main extension (e.g. receptionist). If this line is busy, the call will automatically be patched through to the next extension number that you have assigned.

Advantages: Instead of having a customer waiting on hold until the phone is answered by a receptionist, the system will automatically patch the call through to the next available employee for answering. You decrease customer wait time and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Typically, an SME owner or entrepreneur will request that after hours calls be diverted to either a mobile or alternative number. Typically, at weekends, when customer calls to the main office number might get left un-answered, the owner can ensure that customer and support calls are forwarded to employee mobiles.

Advantages: Customer sales and support calls can be automatically diverted at weekends or out of office hours to ensure important business calls are always answered by the appropriate person.

With our current system, any voice mails received can automatically be sent to assigned email addresses. This ensures that voice mails can be listened to no matter where you are. This facility can be very useful when customers leave voice mails with specific instructions – and the recorded voice mail (e.g. with directions or specific faults) can be sent on to an engineer or delivery operator.

Advantages: As well as maintaining a copy of all voice mails within your email system, you can easily listen to voice mails on your computer speakers.

Current internet speeds allow organisations to hold multiple-user audio conference calls. Decision making becomes easier when teams hold online meetings.

Advantages: Instead of costly business trips and site visits, your organisation can take advantage of the latest conference call solutions.

Using our call recording and attendant features you can quickly obtain the look and feel of a large organisation. In-bound phone calls will be automatically answered by a pre-recorded message, of your choice. This recording guides callers to the extension number they are looking for or, in certain cases, to mailboxes, extensions or conference rooms.

Advantages: Instead of requiring a full time receptionist, organisations can ensure that callers are quickly connected with a department or person without the need for the costs of a full time receptionist.

Our phone systems allow voice mail to be be set up for the organisation’s main lines as well as voice mail for individuals within the organisation.