Frequently Asked Questions


The following information is provided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you don’t find the answers to your specific questions here, feel free to Contact Us directly.

Note: All VoIP and related services are dependent on adequate broadband services being available. Please contact us if you need further information on your broadband availability and bandwidth or check it out for yourself using this FREE broadband speed test.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Typically our customers start to save money within 10 days of meeting with us.

In order to avail of lower national calls, all we require is a signed form that allows us to investigate and select a cheaper provider of national calls. We have existing arrangements in place with some of the largest voice carriers in Ireland that allow us to provide you with call charges at below normal “retail” prices.

Customers that wish to avail of deeper discounts may need to investigate certain hardware products (IP PBX, VoIP Handsets etc) to allow them to take advantage of the Telecoms Revolution.

In all cases, we show how these investments can result in increased savings – and typically within 1 to 2 months the organisation is making savings of between 20% to 40% savings on their monthly telephone bills.

Yes. Since we have agreements with multiple international providers, we can select which carrier offers the best rates for your typical international call profiles.

So whether you call five European countries regularly, or only call one particular supplier in one country, we will customise our offering to maximise your savings.

We offer standard maintenance and support service contracts to all our customers. Typically any hardware we install has its own manufacturer’s warranty. On top of these warranties, our own support engineers are available to talk through any other issues that may arise.

Where necessary, we can travel out to help trouble shoot and fix any remaining issues. However, the reliability of the equipment we install means that it is unlikely that you will need to contact us.

When you have switched to TBT Global Communication you can automatically benefit from the following:

  • You can keep your existing phone systems/numbers and use the same phone(s)
  • We have no minimum call charges
  • You can avail of per-second Billing
  • Monthly, you will receive a fully itemised bill
  • Available of our online account management
  • Supports both ISDN and analogue calls

Yes. Please see our certificate showing our registered details. Registration Form