Reducing Telecommunications Costs for your Business





We are in the business of providing our customers with the best solutions for reducing telecoms costs on a monthly basis.

With a “ready-steady-switch” approach to VoIP, we can literally start to save you money within days. Just call us now with details of your existing telephone costs and we’ll tell you within 24hours how much we can save you.

arrow Save from 25 to 45% on your phone
arrow You can keep your existing phone systems and numbers and use the same phone(s)
arrow We have no minimum call charges
arrow Avail of our online account management
arrow We support both ISDN and analogue calls


Welcome to the World of VoIP

VoIP technology is now allowing businesses to safely move their telephone systems from expensive traditional solutions to calling over the internet.

Everyone has availed of skype! Its free VoIP and it does work! But will not be enough for professional business.

TBT Global Communication brings you professional VoIP services, fully backed up by technical support and help. Our service is used by many SME's to run their daily phone solutions.




Want to reduce your monthly phone bills? Avail of our FREE Telecoms Health Check for your Landlines and Mobile phones.




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